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Unique text for SEO Site

Unique text for SEO Site – Text.RU

Tonight I will share with you one really great website or say amazing software application which is helping you to “promote” your website on the best way that you can. Text.RU is place right for you. I’m doing this because I had a lot of really good experience with this site and never made a mistake for me.

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The mission of the project

Text.ru – a commercial project, created primarily for profit. But we are sure that honest and professional work on the service, which is conducted daily by our team, gives a positive effect for each user and the Internet community as a whole.

The mission of Text.ru is to provide the best conditions for the wide distribution of unique content on the World Wide Web.

Project Prospects

Project Text.ru is developing in the promising field of Internet business – the supply of text content. The potential of this direction is significant and is growing rapidly due to such aspects as:

 Product demand

Each company, regardless of the profile of its commercial activities, needs quality texts of various formats. To fill a corporate site, the presence of which is now the basic business standard, you need texts for the main and internal pages:

  • description of services and goods,
  • article about the company,
  • information support (writing news and much more),
  • as well as seo-texts for promotion.

In addition, PR and advertising campaigns will also require quality texts:

  • for presentations,
  • leaflets and booklets,
  • slogans.

 Topicality of outsourcing

At the same time, for managers of many companies, it is obvious that the search for a specialized specialist – “textbook” is complicated, and admission to the state is not profitable. The best solution is to outsource these tasks.

With the help of Text.ru, each company can safely and mutually beneficial to cooperate with performers and receive timely high-quality unique content.

 World trend

Text.ru is developing on the wave of the world trend of expanding the industry – developing and delivering text content. It is obvious to us that quality texts are needed not only in Russia – the need for excellent content is relevant for companies around the world. Conquering the Runet under the slogan “Text.ru National Content Provider”, we are expanding our plans to enter the global English-language content market.

We are confident in the prospects of our project, and every new transaction in the system confirms our confidence.

Attitude to competitors

We recognize the existence of competitors both in RuNet, and in the world Internet space. Moreover, we respect our competitors, as we are convinced that competition stimulates our development. Text.ru stands for the use of exceptionally honest methods of struggle.

The growth in the number of Text.ru users is the most important indicator of our success in the competitive struggle, because a certain percentage of new users refuse from the services of our competitors, preferring Text.ru to them. Our market share is growing along with the trust of users, and this inspires us for further work.

Marketing policy of the project

The attraction of new users through the active use of marketing tools, including advertising, is now becoming more expensive. Therefore, we decided not to participate in this race – and we do not focus on advertising. Instead, we actively support and develop a service for free checking the uniqueness of the text, which brings us a noticeable return – users like our product, they share information about Text.ru with the help of communication services. The growth of our audience is mainly due to virality.


Attendance Text.ru daily is estimated by tens of thousands of unique users. If our project is close to the profile of your business and you, just like us, see the global prospects for the development of Text.ru – we will be happy to discuss with you the possibility of partnerships.

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